Who Is A Reseller?

A reseller also known as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) is an individual or company who sells the product or service owned or provided by another company for a profit or commission. Resellers focus on generating sales and maximizing profits.

Swift SMS Reseller


Benefits of Re-selling Bulk SMS

  1. A Reseller can earn extra profit from selling the bulk sms.

  2. Selling Bulk SMS is not time consuming, it can be done along side other businesses.

  3. A Reseller does not need to recruit staff to do the job except he or she desires.

  4. A Reseller does not need to acquire an office (except he or she desires) and can therefore work from anywhere.

  5. A Reseller can be his or her own boss.

  6. A Reseller become a CEO of his or her own company after registering your business with CAC.

How to become Reseller

The start-up cost of Bulk SMS and Voice SMS reseller business is relatively low. It is a business you can start from home (no office space needed), is a business that can be done alongside your day time job. You can become your own boss with the right business approach. Do not wait any longer, start your own company today!

The basic tools needed to start a Bulk SMS and Voice SMS business is a computer system (desktop or laptop) with basic features and ability to connect to the internet.

Other tools needed are: a functional website (which we can develop and host for you by us); a web interface for clients to send SMS, an admin interface for you to manage the users(clients/customers) accounts i.e adding, deleting, or editing clients’ information and adding SMS credit to clients’ account.

Become Reseller with Swift SMS

We offers Bulk SMS and Voice SMS Reseller Package for people interested in having extra cash flow without the stress of taking another job or for those looking for an avenue to make money from a source which is not time consuming.

Reseller Package is a complete end-to-end free solution for resellers with a dedicated server and control panel to manage the users (clients/customers) accounts.

To have an account with us: Create an SMS Account; purchase a domain name and a hosting plan with us (if do not have already); get our SMS API (our developer can be of help to you).

For further information, feel free to contact us.

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